Jul 8, 2011

Pet Scam

    Dee  went into a pet store in Hong Kong and asked for a special present for her husband. the seller shows her the way into the other room. he took out a parrot from his cage and puts it on an electric organ. The parrot starts playing the organ really good. "That's incredible!" says Dee. "how much is the price for the bird?" The seller told her "Mom it will cost you 75 grand, not a penny less". "Okay" said Dee "what else can you offer me?" The seller opened another cage and took out a small hamster and put it on the electric organ, giving him a piece of popcorn and the hamster starts singing like Johnny Cash.
    Everyone in the store looks amazed by the hamster singing. Dee decided to buy the hamster for any price, cause her man might be so pleased hearing country music singed by the hamster. "I must have that hamster, will you sell him to me?" she asks. The small chinese charged her 400 bucks for the hamster and gave her a new cage for free.
    Another chinese customer standing next to Dee, asked the seller "why are you selling that talent hamster so cheap?" "No I'm not," the seller replied. "The parrot is a ventriloquist"

Hamsters can't Play the Piano (and can't sing either)

The ventriloquist Show

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