Jul 21, 2011

Manchester Cows

   After his last cow died from the FMDV (Foot Mouth Disease Virus) Tom lost all his savings. With his last 500 Bucks he decided to rebuild his dairy farm. Tom had two options to purchase a cow from a Manchester Dairy farm for 100 Bucks, or from a Liverpool dairy farm for 300 Bucks. Okay Tom was broke, so he bought three cows from the Manchester dairy farm. All three cows were producing each day six gallons of milk, and Tom was fine and starts dreaming about his new dairy farm.
   The next month Tom asked his friend Bob to lend him his bull to mate with his cows. But unfortunately all the cows didn't let the bull to do his job, the cows always moved away. Tom called for the vet to help him, he told him about his three cows who refuse to let the bull mate them.
   The vet arrived examine carefully the cows and finally said "I bet you 10 bucks these cows came from Manchester?" Tom was astonished by that and asked the vet "How did you know the origin of these cows is from Manchester?"
The vet answered  "My wife is also from Manchester."
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