Aug 9, 2013

Rain Forest Spring Day

My friend sent me these clips I love the story and the script about little mister puppy the fox. so many adventures happened to him.

But take my advise and use these clips for NG Meditation, relax, shut all the phones off and dive into the nature. chase all your troubles away. whenever you have a bad day, just thank God that you are not struggling each day for food and shelter.

I use one of the comments which was dedicated to the teams that fetched almost an hour of the nature which we will never feel unless that media.
A Wonderful Magical Journey into the Beauty of Nature that surrounds all of us.
When ever any of us feel sad or lonely there is always something to marvel at if we just look around and see Nature's Beauty. It's a "free" gift that all of us have to enjoy every day of our existence on this Beautiful Planet..
Thanks for making these four Magnificent Video creations.
They all reflect the Beauty that lies within your Heart & Soul.

One Day On Earth Part 1 of 4  

One Day On Earth Part 2 of 4


One Day On Earth Part 3 of 4 

One Day On Earth Part 4 of 4

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