Mar 8, 2013


In the last three months I enjoyed watching some great TV series, and I hope you will chew them as I do. no matter where you live, I believe your local VOD supplier or your local TV cables will let you watch these series.
My way for binge-watching is using the FF play and RR buttons. so I forward boring episodes and save about half time. Just imagine 12 episodes per season in six hours.

The first was "Lost" 

Me after the second season got bored, but I love the characters and the sub-episodes so I continue watching it to the end, but I will not blame you if you give up after the second season. Just have fun.
The UK version - promo

Now my friend Andy told me about "Shameless"  so I watch both the UK and the US version. To tell the true I prefer the UK TV series, please no hard feeling. when I had a real hard day, I enter and watch my favorite episodes that's make me feel much better.

Shameless UK - Trailer

Now to another TV Series "Dexter" based on the motive of the Punisher who obeys  the old Hammurabi Codex  I'm sure it will fascinate you at least for three seasons.

Dexter Season 1 - Trailer.

I'm sure we can add more great TV series, I hate reality cause they are all faked.
So brand new another American production of the Brit TV series of the 90's
House of Cards
That's a great DIY Tutorial if you intend to became a congressman "whip" in your country.
you must see it non stop so you will be able to play the real game. of course life isn't so easy but the old strategy scratch my back and I will scratch yours always works.
My impression is that the Apple Inc must be sponsoring that TV Series cause they are advertising all along the episodes the Apple products.

 The main team.......action around the clock, he is quick and bold.

The congressman and his right hand reminds me Don Quixote and Sancho Panza......

now if you want to start binge-watching you have a lot of entertainment, just have fun.

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