Mar 11, 2013

The Broom

   One of my childhood memories is my red head friend Sean. Every night in the summer time after we got bored of our games we use to run funny stories but especially we love running naughty jokes. Sean who was the elder boy knows everything about women and sex and we love to hear again and again his stories.
Little Johnny went with his Mom to the Walmart store, as usual he ask his Mom to buy him a toy, but this time she refused. Little Johnny start crying, threw himself on the floor and scream "I need it, you never bought me a toy" Mom try to calm him offering him sweeties and than he raised his eyes. His Mom never wear underwear....
Here Sean described what little Johnny saw, a nice curled bush.
Little Johnny: "Mom what is that curled hair bush?"
Mom: "That's our broom"
Little Johnny: "Broom?, and where is the broomstick?"
Mom: "Dear, when we return home, remind me to ask Dad to help me cleaning"

From this day we gave Sean a nickname "The Broom"  

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