Apr 21, 2011

When You Come to Nablus City

    Last Night we were sitting and boozing our regulars, so one of the veteran start singing  "She'll be coming 'round the mountain" and he reminds me the extra verse for that song we use to sing on our vessel while we were running dirty jokes reminding the gays. As you know Nablus was famous as the Middle East center of the gays. All rich Arabic came to get layed. here we go! 
When you come to Nablus city
When you come
Don't forget your ammunition
And your gun
Because Muhammad and Re'easy  (*Gang in Arabic)
Put his arrow in your tizzy**              (**tizzy means Ass in Arabic)
When you come to Nablus city
When you come
Singing aye aye yipee yippee aye
Aye aye yippee yippe aye
Singing aye aye yippee
Aye aye yippie
Aye aye yippie yippie aye

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