Apr 11, 2011

Readers Corner - The House Of God

The House of God - by Samuel Shem

    Last month I was pretty busy around the clock visiting the hospitals in an out. My mother complained of difficulty to breath, we picked an ambulance and came to the emergency department at about 8:00 a.m. and after less than two minutes the whole medical staff started acting very professionally. They hooked her to the monitoring equipment, an oxygen supply, and then it was the young doctor who examined her and then stuck the needle in her vein to draw a little blood for lab tests. Of course he wasn't skilled enough so after several trials he called another doctor. Okay I will stop describing it at the end my Mom was lucky cause they succeeded drawing the required amount of blood. Now we went for some X rays and so on.
    At 10:00 a.m. the chief of the emergency department with his staff walked around checking the patients. The chief asked the junior about my Mom's problem and he muttered some Latin terminology. After the visit was over I asked the doctor what's next and he told him we need to wait for the lung specialist. Now I told him that last time she had the same problem and the doctor ordered to suck her lungs. The doctor looked at me and asked me about my occupation at that moment I remembered the same episode which appeared in the hilarious book I read almost thirty years ago. I asked the young doctor did you read the novel "The House of God"? "yep" he replied, "it's one of the recommended books at the university.

   The House of God is a satirical novel about the relationship between young and Inexperienced doctors and their elderly patients which were called GOMERS Get Out of My Emergency Room.
which means the doctor must do the best to get rid of the patient as soon as possible. 
    I wish you good health but next time you arrive to the emergency department, you better know how to behave with the staff so they are not going to give you a run around the hospital departments (you are a GOMER even if you are a wealthy patient, in a private hospital).
   The Storyline Dr. Roy Basch is an intelligent, naive intern working in a hospital called the House of God after completing his medical studies. He is poorly prepared for the grueling hours and the sudden responsibilities without good guidance from senior attending physicians. He commences the year on a rotation supervised by an enigmatic, iconoclastic and wise senior resident who goes by the name The Fat Man. The Fat Man teaches him that the only way to keep the patients in good health and to survive psychologically is to break the official rules. The Fat Man provides his interns with wisdom such as his own "Laws of the House of God" (which amount to 13 by the end of the book). One of his teachings is that in the House of God, most of the diagnostic procedures, treatments, and medications that are received by the patients known as "gomers" (see Glossary, below) actually harm these patients instead of helping them. Basch becomes convinced of the accuracy of the Fat Man's advice and begins to follow it. Because he follows the Fat Man's advice and does nothing to the gomers, they remain in good health. Therefore, ironically his team is recognized as one of the best in the hospital, and he is recognized as an excellent intern by everyone, even though he is breaking the rules.
Source   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_House_of_God 

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