Oct 27, 2014

The Gambler

   The Russian President went to Vegas incognito. As he entered the terminal, he looked around and gazed on the slot machines all around the hall. he ordered his bodyguard "hand me ten bucks" Putin put in the bill, pressed a button and got a pack of Kent cigarettes, wow!.

he asked for another ten, inserted it and pressed the button and now the machine delivered a pack of Rothmans cigarettes, wow!.

he asked for another ten bucks, inserted the bill and this time the machine delivered a pack of Parliament cigarettes

Putin asked for another ten bucks, but Igor nodded "Vlad, I'm out of cash".
"ёб твою мать!" (Yób tvoyú mat' -"Gosh") hurry to the change machine and bring me more 10 bucks bills, can't you see I'm lucky!"
Igor returned and Putin put in another bill and the machine emitted now an Old Gold pack of cigarettes and another pack of Eagle cigarettes.
Putin cry "I've got a Poker hand" 

If you are Russian please tell Putin to come once again to Vegas but now his bodyguard should use this application CasinoTrip. it is a cool app so next time he might enjoy gambling in a real casino.
from their website  I can see they have information from all over the world. Neat site and a great app - I totally recommend it to anyone who travels and likes to visit a casino.

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