Oct 20, 2014

Cosmetic Procedures Humor

Three Bouquets.   
   One of the most famous Hollywood actors, Ms Dee. was unhappy cause of her huge vagina lips. She went to the cosmetic procedures clinic to reduce her vagina lips. She asks her surgeon  to keep the procedure and her name as top secret.
When she wakes up, after the operation she noticed three bouquets of roses. 
   She asked the nurse to explain who are the persons who send her these bouquets. 
The nurse smiles and told her "two are from her and the surgeon". "Okay", she smiles with pains, "but who for god sake sent me the third bouquet?"
"Oh," says the nurse, "that bouquet is from sergeant Smith, he wanted to thank you for his new ears!"
Silicon Boobs.
  Betty teaches her class of seven years old pupils a lesson. she asks her class "Who can tell us, what's the most expensive material in the world?"
Bobby raised his finger and said "for sure it's gold, because last week my daddy told Mom 'with all the gold I spent on you, I could buy a brand new Porsche." 
  The teacher nodded, but told her pupils, to thing about a most expensive material.
Rose raised her finger, "
for sure diamonds are the most expensive material in the world". can you tell us why asks Betty. because last week my daddy told Mom "I could drive a Ferrari like Gordon, if you didn't insist on that six carat diamond ring"
The teacher said "correct, thank you rose" but Johnny stands up and shout "silicone is the winner. it worth much more than diamonds"
Betty asked Johnny "Will you explain us why silicone?" 
Johnny "Because since my mom has refurbished her boobs with Silicone implants you should see all the most expensive cars outside our house!"

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