Nov 4, 2013

Manchester Polite Driver

  Gordon and Bobby were waiting at a London street waving for a Taxi. All of a sudden a blue Jaguar passes by and sprinkles on them water from the puddle, moistens them from head to foot. Both curse the rude car driver and try to clean themselves. Than Bob says : " In Manchester they behave politely, believe me"  Gordon asks: "Tell me about"

"In Manchester the driver would stop his car, apologizes, ask you to come to his home, let you enjoy a nice hot bath, send your cloths to the laundry, gives you dry clothes and a meal and insists on this that you will stay at his place for the night. In the morning he would gave you 500 pounds, brings you the clean cloths from the laundry and sent you back home"
Gordon was shocked : " What?! all of this happened to you?!"
Bobby: "Not me, to my wife."

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