Jun 23, 2012

Tapas Bar - Barcelona

I returned last week from a wonderful weekend in Barcelona. I like pubing in Spanish bars cause of their great tapas. Boozing Beer (Cervesa) and biting some Spanish sausages makes me hungry, so I must have some tomato bread and Parmesan. and here we start the speciality of the Spanish cuisine the Jamón serrano (ham).
Lets start the morning with churros (Spanish doughnut)  and a nice cup of chocolate. 

Liquid Chocolate
Now after smelling the Gothic District of Barcelona it's time to sit and have launch. I love to eat Paella, but now lets try another special Spanish dish. Tortilla de Patatas or as the Spanish use to call it Patatas del Mama. that's an omlette of chips and sausages which give you enough reasons to go back to your hotel for a two hours nap, yep.

The secret of a great Sangria is the Cognac..

Jamon Serrano the best ham you will eat. the basic tapas include a sausage dish, have one with a cold beer and then you are ready to eat the real Spanish tapas, the Pulpo 

Pulpo and Calamaritos are the most famous dishes in Spain. The Spanish people likes  more the Pulpo (octopus).

Tomatoes bread and Parmesan Cheese just a basic dish for less then two Euro (two bucks). Link

Take a Gambas just ask and taste all the styles.
Pedro show me his wine collection.
Now here are two clips instructing how to prepare Churros and Tortilla de Pattatas.
Churros recipe 

Tortilla de Patatas

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