Jun 17, 2012

Street Ballads

On my previous post I present one popular clip about the three German running the spoon game. Here it is once again just have fun.

But suddenly out of the blew, I start singing the old forgotten street ballad some melody

Hinky-Dinky Parlez-vous (Mademoiselle from Armentieres)

Three German Officers (Tune - "Inky, Dinky, Parlez-veus") - Source
Three German officers crossed the Rhine,
Three German officers crossed the Rhine,
Three German officers crossed the Rhine,
They fucked the women and drank the wine,
Inky, dinky, parlez-veus.

They came upon a wayside inn,
Shit on the mat and walked right in.

Oh landlord have you a daughter fair,
Lily-white tits and golden hair?

At last they got her on a bed,
Fucked her till her cheeks were red.

And then they took her to a shed,
Fucked her till she was nearly dead.

They took her down a shady lane,
Fucked her back to life again.

They took her up in an aeroplane,
Squeezed her tits and made it rain.

They fucked her up, they fucked her down,
They tucked her right around the town.

They fucked her in, they fucked her out,
They fucked her up her waterspout.

Now she lives in our town,
Sells her cunt for half a crown.

Seven months went and all was well,
Eight months went and she started to swell.

Nine months went and she gave a grunt,
And a little white bugger popped out her cunt.

The little white bugger he grew and grew,
He fucked his mother and sister too.

The little white bugger he went to hell,
He fucked the Devil and his wife as well.

Mademoiselle from Armenteers - Source

        Mademoiselle from Armenteers, parlez-veus,
        Mademoiselle from Armenteers, parlez-veus,

    You didn't have to know her long
    To find the reason men went wrong
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    She sold her kisses for ten francs each
    Soft and juicy -- as sweet as a peach
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    I had more fun than I can tell
    Beneath the sheets with Mademoiselle
   Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    I fell in love with her at sight
    Waked myself for half the night
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    She go to church and say her prayers
    And make a beeline for the stairs
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    She'd give a wink and cry qui qui
    Let us see what you can do with me
   Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    On her bed she sure was fun
    Moving her ass like a Maxim Gun
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    I fucked with her but I fucked to much
    Today when I walk I use a crutch
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    She'd grab your pick and give it a squeeze
    'Till it hung down below your knees
   Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    in all the bars
    she'd roll her ass
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

    She could hold her drink without a doubt
    She was going strong when I passed out
    Inky-pinky parlez-veus

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