Apr 14, 2012

Shame And Scandal In The Family

   The French government announced a 50,000 Euro Prize to encourage the population growth. Each family with six children and more, will get 50,000 Euro Tax free. Hassan and Fatima have five children, Hassan knows his wife can't have any more children to win the prize, but he had another illegal son living in Marseille. Hassan told his secret to Fatima which agreed "business is business, you go tomorrow and bring your son so we can show the office we own six children and get the prize"

(For illustration purposes only )

The next day Hassan ride to Marseille and returned after three days, with his son. Hassan asks Fatima to call all the five children to go to the Interior Ministry  bureau to claim their prize. Fatima starts crying "Hassan, forgive me, we have no more children, all the fathers came over and took all their children to get the prize"
Shame And Scandal In the Family


  1. hahahahaha, everyone has an agenda.

    1. Thanks for the comment, sex scandal and sport are thrilling issues.