Apr 11, 2012

Don Juan And The Priest

Don Juan Confession

   Don Juan went to the church, entered the confession booth and starts his confession.

"Father, Dona Flor and me engaged three month ago, but she didn't let me make love with her. Yesterday, I came over her place, nobody were at home except for her sister. We were alone and I slept with her."
"Put twenty Pesos in the charity box, I will pray for you" whispered the priest.

"Father, the day before yesterday I went to visit Dona Flor's home, but nobody was around except her mother Dona Isabella, so I slept with her too."
"That's a sin, you may wash it away by putting 200 Pesos in the charity box, I will pray for you" whispered the priest.

"Father, last week, I went to her brother's house to look for her, nobody was around except for her sister in law Dona Rosa ,and I slept with her too."
"Father? are you there?"

    Suddenly Don Juan realized, that there was no response from the Father. He walked around and discovered that the priest disappeared. Now Don Juan walked around the huge church looking for the priest, "Father? where are you?" finally he found him hiding in the pipe organ chamber. "Father, why are you hiding here?"

"Sorry Don Juan, suddenly I realized there is nobody around here except me."

Okay here you learn more about cheating.....

Lottery Ticket

 Dee was nagging her husband Bobby about her diamond ring. One day, Bobby looks at Dee wearing a new diamond ring.  
"Where did you get that ring?" Bobby claimed.
"Well, she replies, "Gordon and me, were playing the Lotto Lottery and we won, so I bought it with my share."
The next month Dee comes home with a long shiny fur coat.  Where did you get that coat?" Bobby demands.
Dee replies "Gordon and me were lucky once again with the lotto lottery, so I bought it with my share."
One month later, Dee comes home, driving a brand new Jeep, once again the explanation was her lottery ticket........

That night, Dee asks Bobby to fill the bath for her. 
When she enters the bathroom, she finds that the water was only one inch deep. 
"What's kind of joke is this?" Dee asks Bobby.
Bobby grinned "We don't want to get your lotto ticket wet, do we?"

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