Mar 30, 2012

The Mysterious Traveler

The Polish government sent a Lamborghini to the Vatican as a present for the the new Pope.

  The next morning, the Pope told his driver to take him for a ride to enjoy the new car, he always dreamed about. They sneaked out of the Vatican driving the Rome ring, suddenly the Pope ordered the driver to stop and to exchange places. The Pope began driving the car, after he got used to the terrific car he accelerate and speed up the car to top speed. Tony was patrolling above with the police helicopter and notice the racing car so he ordered the pilot to hold the car.

Tony went off the helicopter and sign the driver to open the black window. Tony bowed and mumbled apology. Tony went to the helicopter and calls his chief officer.
Tony: Hi Chief, we have a problem, I need you to come here immediately.
Chief: What sort of problem?
Tony: We have a very important visitor, I pulled over a Porsche driving very fast but I don't know how to handle this case.
Chief: its the Police Commissioner?
Tony: No, he is much more important.
Chief: It's the Mayor of Rome?
Tony: No, he is much more important.
Chief: Tell me Tony, is it the president?
Tony: Much more important than that.
Chief: Who's more important than our president?
Tony: That's why I need you here, cause our visitor use our Pope as his driver.

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