Mar 26, 2012


   My wife like to buy SWAROVSKI items. She used to say diamonds today are actually zircons, so she prefers   to wear SWAROVSKI  jewelries and pearls rather than diamonds. At SWAROVSKI, While she examines the jewelry table I enjoy observing the other works of the SWAROVSKI designs. I am lucky that she doesn't like the animal collection, but many people like these nice art works. 

These photos were shot in SWAROVSKI shop in Váci Utca, Budapest. Three years later we were hanging around in Bucharest, the outside weather pushed us into the shops in the mall. After buying some great leather accessories our next stop was at the SWAROVSKI shop.
I personally checked the crystal martini glasses and the Champagne tall glasses and I dreamed about buying them but my wife prefer jewelery. I love drinking my whiskey using crystal glasses, but martini with crystal glasses? she would not agree.

Now lets take a look and find which item looks to me to be defected, can you see it.