Feb 24, 2012

Luck vs Wisdom

   There is an old tale about two tramps wandering the country. Bobby was a smart guy but Louis was blessed with tons of luck. They were walking on the road for hours, finally they decided to rest. Louis was exhausted so he falls on the middle of the road and start snoring. Bobby waked him and asks him to move and take his "bed " to the road side. Louis pay no attention to him, and continues snoring. Bobby the wise guy, lay on the road side and pray no one will pass that road. At midnight a truck came to that road, the truck driver saw a man sleeping on the road, so he turned the wheel and hit Bobby who was sleeping on the safe side. Now tell me who needs a pound of wisdom if you got instead a dozen pounds of luck.

The luckiest people in the world

The Original Tramp - Charlie Chaplin

Now check the tramp from India Raj Kapoor in "Mera Joota Hal Japani"

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