Jan 19, 2012

Willie The Blacksmith

Willie the Blacksmith always wear his red T-shirt with the logo "I got a ten inch hammer" One day Willie goes to town to purchase two chickens, a goose, a new bucket and an anvil. Willie tied the goose to the anvil, put the anvil and the goose in the bucket, and carry the two chickens in his other hand. when he saw a pretty woman chasing him very soon she asks his help to escort her to her home.

   Willie grins, and says, "Follow me its on my way,  I'll bring you to your home safely." very soon they enter a dark alley. The woman says, "please I am affraid to cross that alley, you might screw me with your ten inch screwdriver on the alley's wall."
Willie replies "How could I screw you? I'm carrying a goose, an anvil, a bucket and two chickens?."
The woman advises him, "Well, you should cover the goose with the bucket, place the anvil on top of the bucket, and I could hold for you the two chickens."

The Blacksmith - Andy Irvine

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