Jan 11, 2012

No Lawyer's In Heaven

Dorothy and Patrick a nice young couple were to marry, unfortunately they were killed by a car accident on the morning of their great day. Their souls enter heaven, and they were allocated in two separate rooms. Dorothy ask the angel in the reception "please can you arrange for us a wedding ceremony, that will help you with my room" The angel sent her to the concierge he promise her to fix it the next week. Two weeks have passed, so they knocked on Angel Gabriel office. The Angel gave them a warm hug and say "of course my dear Dorothy and Pat, we are still arranging it no hurry".  The first year passed very fast and they still stayed on separate rooms, they send the Angel a reminder, but the reply was "I'm working on it, wait patiently."

Another five years passed, and they were only kissing each other but they can't sleep together, sorry that's the rules in heaven my child. One day after ten years Angel Gabriel came and took them to the church where the priest bless them and finally they became married.

Patrick and Dorothy now make love all day and night and were happy again, but very soon they start fighting and after a year they decided to divorce. One morning they knocked on Angel Gabriel door and enter. "whats up with you two?, I heard you want to divorce" demanded Angel Gabriel. Dorothy cried "I had headache but Pat wants to make love, please help me let me free"

Angel Gabriel start crying too and said "Are you nuts? More than ten years I worked arranging you a priest, Satan will not let me have a lawyer, you know how long it will take until you find a honest lawyer?"

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