Nov 5, 2011

Coffee And Milk Art

   Once again creative artist  breaks out the circle. My friend sent me an E-mail attaching pictures of Mona Lisa painted by approximately forty hundred cups of coffee, arranged in a matrix of black coffee cups and Latte coffee cups, were each filled with different amounts of milk which creates the replicas. 
   So I searched further and found also the next project of Marilyn Monro, got bored? no? so enjoy a hot cup of coffee and check the clips, I like them, waiting for more projects.
Mona Lisa - Coffee and Latte 4000 cups of coffee

Marilyn Monro - Coffee and Latte 5400 cups of coffee.
Now learn how to decorate your next cups of coffee latte.

Latte Art

Now they are five reasons why to visit Australia.
1.Seeing Kangaroos in the country side.
2.Seeing the Australian who bought a new boomerang, but couldn't get rid of his used one.
3.Drinking the best beers you have ever tasted, Its my opinion.
4.Diving the wonderful coral reserves.
5.Take your time traveling to New Zealand. 

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