Nov 14, 2011

Beggars Prospecting

Karim and Rashid
    Karim and Rashid belongs to the community of Paris beggars. Both of them are non legal immigrants from Abidjan, Ivory Coast (Côte-d'Ivoire). They are traveling with the Metro all over Paris collecting money. By the end of the day Rashid collect about 20 - 30 Euro while Karim is making about ten times more. 
    Rashid allays complains on his bad luck, he lost his leg by a mine and was caught twice by the police and was sent back home. While Karim is lucky he have never been caught and his daily income is about 200 Euro per day. Rashid says to Karim, "we are three month running our beggibg business, but how come you get bills of 10 Euro and I got only coins.

Karim explained, "Show me your sign, what does it say'?

Rashid's  sign reads: "Help me, I am sick and  Unemployed"
Karim says, "You should replace your sign, No wonder you only get small change" Rashid demands "Show me your sign"
Karim sign reads:
"Help me to move back to Abidjan"

Prospecting Begging Business.
   Two beggars are sitting side by side on the trottoir (pavement) in front of the Notre Dame in Paris. One wore a cross on his chest and the other looks like a Jew and also wore a Star of David. It was Sunday morning and many people walked by them into the Cathedral for the Sunday worship. Everyone gave alms generously to the Christian beggar And spat into the Jewish beggars hat. Some even cursed the Jewish beggar.
    After the ceremony, the excited congregation donate generously again the Christian beggar box, while the Jewish beggar, they have given a handful of curses
Finally, the priest went out and passed near the beggars donate each of them with a 10 Euro note and whispered to the Jewish beggar "Take my advice, next time go near a Synagogue, no one here will give you money especially when you are sitting next to that Christian bagger."
   As the priest left Yankel the Jewish beggar told his friend "Moishe, that priest tried to teach us how to run our begging business" 

Picasso's Painting On My Ass.
   Gordon and Bobby my friends after discharged from the Navy decided to travel Europe. After a month in France, they traveled to Spain. Immediately upon arrival at Barcelona all their money was stolen by a gang of pickpockets. Bobby decided to return home, while Gordon continued his trip, and survived by working all kinds of temporary jobs. 

   Occasionally we heard about Gordon who had grown rich in Tokyo. Ten years passed and one day Gordon invited us all to the old pub to drink for the old days. Bobby asked, "Gordon you must tell us your story, and how did you make that dough?" Gordon told us how one evening he knocked on Picasso's door and Picasso wanted to give him a donation of 100 francs. Gordon persuaded Picasso to paint a bear on his ass. "So I arrived into Paris and collected 10 Euro per person showing the bear painted by Picasso, then I moved to Tokyo where I opened an art gallery and made a fortune"

   Tommy asks Gordon "Let me see the bear" Gordon replies it will cost you 10 bucks. Tommy handed him the bill and Gordon shows him his ass. "Hey no bear and no forest here" cried Tommy. Gordon smiles and told him "give me another ten bucks, put your ear on my asshole and you will hear the bear snoring"
A demonstrator shows his bottom to riot police during a protest by European workers and trade union representatives to demand better job protection in the European Union countries in Brussels on March 24.
(Reuters / Thierry Roge) Source


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