Nov 9, 2012

Bean Soup

    My friend Gordon loves to eat bowls of bean soup. But since his marriage to Sue, he stopped eating all the foods that mix up his stomach and produce noises and odor, like a chemistry laboratory. Sue never cook beans nor cauliflower and never let him eat any piece of radish.
    Yesterday Gordon had a real bad day, his boss called him at the end of the day handed him an envelope which means he is laid off. He went to the parking place and the engine died. Gordon was really pissed off. he tried to pick a cab but it was a bad day, no cabs around so he walked home. After a while it start raining and Gordon got wet. suddenly he smelled the odor of a bean soup. he looks around and find himself in front of a small restaurant. 

Gordon ordered  a bowl of homemade bean soup, and now he feels much better. He ordered another one and finally left heading home.
 All the way home Gordon farts, his farts were always sounded like Graham, but after the bean soup they seem to became Trump phi. In the Navy we used to call the different farts: Graham - very strong but short, Trump - a serial farts loud but with a nice melody and Josef - like a whisper but stink like rotten eggs. 
   Finally Gordon find himself at his home, Sue opened the door kissed him and covered his eyes whispering "Darling, I have a surprise for dinner tonight." Sue then led him to his chair at the table. She warn him not to open his eyes till she will return. Gordon was bursting and he start releasing the pressure, Trump, Trump phi, Graham, the odor was terrible and Gordon grab the dish and work it like a hand held fan, he also start to sing to overcome the Trumps. "We are marching to Pretoria, Trump, Pretoria, Trump........."
Sue entered the dining room and cried "Happy Birthday to Gordon" Gordon takes off the goggles looked at his friends and family seating at the table holding their noses.

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