Oct 22, 2012

My Mom Is The Substitute

  The teacher explained the pupils the difference between profession and occupation.
Then she asked the class to describe their parent's occupations and professions.  
  Sue raised her hand and told the class that her dad is a bus driver and her Mom is a nurse, working at the hospital.
Bobby told them about his father, who is an architect but makes a living of selling D2D.
"Very nice Bobby", the teacher encouraged him. "That's really a good example for our lesson".
Tommy told them proudly about his mother who is a real estate broker despite the fact she has a PHD in English literature.
"That's another great example" said the teacher.
  Now little Johnny told the class "as you know my father is a gambler playing on the web mostly Texas HoldEm Poker, and my Mom is working as a substitute"

"Substitute?  is she a substitute teacher?" asked the teacher.
"Oh no", replied little Johnny "she is just the substitute".
"What kind of occupation does your Mom have?" the teacher asked. "Will you explain us what does your Mom do as a substitute??"
Little Johnny grinned and explained the class "every day between 18:00 to 20:00 Mom invites the men to her bedroom".
The teacher changed colors and told little Johnny his mother is a prostitute not a substitute!
Little Johnny kept smiling while he proceed "no, my sister Dee is the hooker, but every day for two hours Mom works as a substitute"
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