Sep 16, 2012

Pure Logic

My friend Jack the philosopher told me about the way he use logic in real life.

Yesterday morning, on his way home, Jack noticed a good looking man on the street,
his presence causes Jack to think ...
"That rooster, doesn't look like going so early for his day work, so ... he must be returning..."
From where can a person like him get back so early, so neat and smell's so well?....
Only from an affair.....!!!, off course with a married women, and she must be lush....

But ... Our neighborhood has only six adulterous wives.
Dee? Rose? no, they are now on a Caribbean cruise. 
Sarah? no her husband is back home returning fro Afghanistan.
Betty? but I just left her bed.
Sandra? but Sandra picked up yesterday a Marine worrier at the bar.
And ... My wife Peggy???

But my wife has only three lovers ...
Her boss ... My boss ... and a famous attorney from the fourth Ave, his name is Gordon.
"Good morning, Mr. Gordon" Jack says.
"Good morning, but where do you know me?" Asked Gordon.
"Simple logic, I like solving Sudoku"  Jack replied.


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