Jul 5, 2012

The Biggest Asshole

My friend Gordon told me about the great party he participated last week. He ate one of the most delicious medallions of meat at a party. so he asked the host about that dish. the host whispered that that is an elephant meat and gave him the details of the deli store. Gordon hurried yesterday to the store asking for the Elephant meat. The Seller asked him what kind of elephant meat he would like and Gordon asks for his advise. So the seller recommended him to buy the butt slices, Gordon bought six cans of elephant butt meat.
The next day Gordon conduct a party for our best friend beers and elephant meat. As he opened the first can he found it empty, so he opened the second can and it was empty too and so were all the rest of the cans. Gordon became really mad so he called the deli store. "hey Jeff, you sold me six cans of elephants meat and I found no meat in the cans."
The seller asks Gordon "remind me please what kind of meat did you ordered?" Gordon replies The elephants butt meat". "poor man" the seller said "they pack your cans with the elephant's asshole", it's your blooming luck.

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